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The one piece of your bedding that makes you bed the most comfortable is the comforter. When looking for a comforter you can find cheaper ones that are one large blanket. But, the higher quality and more comfortable styles come in two units, a duvet cover and a duvet insert. The duvet cover is the outside part that usually has a design, and sometimes is plain. The duvet insert is the heart and soul of the comforter. It is the inside of the comforter and can be made out of a few different materials.

Duvet inserts are most commonly filled with duck or goose feather which is known as down. Down duvet inserts are among the most popular because they are very soft, fluffy, and warm making for a very comfortable bed. There are different grades of down duvet inserts ranging from light to heavy fill powers. The heavier the grade the warmer, but softer it will be. They also have different thread counts that you can choose from. The thread count on the insert is not as important as it would be on your sheets. The duvet cover is more of what you need to worry about since it is what you will be covering yourself with.

The only problem with down duvet inserts is the price. They can run anywhere from $150 - $500+ dollars and that is not including the cover. They do make different fillings such as a down alternative fill. These are filled with synthetic microfiber clusters, poly cluster fiber fill, or other materials which feel very similar to a down duvet insert. These are a much more affordable approach to get the perfect comforter for your bedding set. Down alternative inserts also range from light weight fills, to medium fills and heavy. The down alternative duvet inserts can run from $50-$200+ and may be an options when purchasing new bedding.

The third option would the cheapest and is a standard cotton fill. These tend to cluster up and become bunches after a while but it is still a cheaper way of buying a duvet insert. It works the same way as the other inserts but you may lose some softness and comfort by using a cotton fill.

All three styles all use duvet covers which are made out of different materials ranging from cotton, sateen, and any other materials sheets would be made from. They all have different thread counts and typically a higher thread count means a more comfortable and higher quality duvet cover. When choosing your cover you need to be sure you are buying one that will fit the duvet insert you are purchasing. They come in all different sizing depending on the size of bed you have. The thread count from a duvet insert doesn’t not need to match the cover, in fact, you can save some money by buying an insert which a lower thread count and spending more on a higher thread count cover. It is important to follow the instructions on washing them because washing can be different between the two and may need to be professional done.

Natural Comfort Classic Heavy Fill Goose Down Alternative Duvet Insert Comforter, White

Over 50% OFF
This will fit a queen size mattress but is also avaiable as a king size. It has a piped edge, 7-inchStiching Box, 4 loops on corners. It's fabric is 200TC 100-percent Cotton Ticking.

Soft & Luxurious Sateen Down 300-Thread Count Alternative Duvet Insert, White

Over 50% OFF
This duvet insert is 100-Percent Combed Cotton Ticking and is 100-percent poly cluster fiber fill down alternative, hypoallergenic, and has an all-weather weight. This is the perfect softness and luxory you will be looking for in your duvet inset.

Natural Comfort Hotel Select 250-Thread Count Down Alternative Oversize Comforter, Duvet Cover Insert, White

This has a 100-percent polyester fill that is softer, fluffier, and plumper than a full down insert. This is a king 106-inch by 96-inch(52-ounce),Queen 90-inch by 95-inch(44-ounce). You won't want to leave once you snuggle up with this oversize and overweight duvet insert.

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Duvet Insert
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